L8 Training

excerpt from

The ACoP and Guidance L8: Legionnaires Disease the control of legionella bacteria in water systems

The ACoP & Guidance L8 state that those who are appointed to carry out the control measures and strategies are suitably informed, instructed and trained.

“They should be properly trained to a standard which ensures that tasks are carried out in a safe, technically competent manner. Regular refresher training should be given and records of all initial and refresher training need to be maintained.”

A typical training session would cover the topics below, though the content is adjusted to suit the delegates i.e. Managing Directors, Supervisors, Engineers etc

Mains water supply
Why the water quality varies in different parts of the country - when do you take responsibility for it?
Microbiological organisms
What makes them proliferate, which are harmful, how many can a system have before it is deemed dangerous?
Cooling towers OPTIONAL - only if you look after Cooling Towers
What do the chemical tests mean, why do the values keep changing?
Humidifiers, water features and domestic hot/cold water services
What are the water hygiene risks associated with various water systems?
Law -v- guidance
Are you responsible if there is a problem? Could it be you that goes to prison?
Assessing water hygiene risks in water systems
This section allows the delegates to assess the risks in various types of water system and is used to check that the information in the previous topics has been understood?
Monthly tasks for L8
What L8 says should be carried out weekly / monthly / 3 monthly etc
Logbook entries
How to complete the site logbook for water hygiene tasks

Logbook Example