Our Goal

We aim to make it far easier and far cheaper for companies to get their water tested for the legionella bacteria.

You just fill a bottle with water - we'll do the rest!

EMS (in a nutshell)

During the past 5 years we have changed the face of legionella testing in the UK.

What was once a costly exercise is now affordable for any company, care home, factory or hotel. Instead of white coated chemists arriving and alarming your staff, you simply fill a bottle yourself.

Our directors and staff comprise chemists, biologists and engineers - an essential mix when dealing with bacteria, water and buildings.

We currently have offices in Northampton and London and (UKAS) Accredited laboratory facilities in Manchester.

Contact Information

FREEPHONE 0800 048 1737

01327 844849

Postal address
iCon Environmental Innovation Centre, Eastern Way, Daventry, NN11 0QB

Electronic mail
General Information: technical@legionnaires-disease.com
Sales: sales@legionnaires-disease.com