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Risk Assessment Indicative CostsL8 - A full Explanation of what you have to do The Approved Code of Practice & Guidance:

(L8) Legionnaires’ disease The control of legionella bacteria in water systems

L8 applies to the risk of legionellosis and was first approved in 1991 by the Health & Safety Commission under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

The ACOP & Guidance was revised in 2001, and although failure to comply with any provision of this Code is not in itself an offence, failure to do so may be taken by a Court in criminal proceedings as proof that a person has contravened the legal requirement to which the provision relates. However, it will be necessary for that person to satisfy a Court that they have complied with the requirement in some other way.

Due to the nature of the risk from legionellosis and the diversity of its sources, it is incumbent on the owner of a building, or employer, to assess all potential risk situations and adopt precautionary measures that will prevent or minimise the risk from exposure to legionella. These measures must be supported by a suitable management regime and adequate record keeping, which must be retained for a minimum period of five years.

To comply with their legal duties, employers and property owners are required to:

  • Identify and assess all sources of risk.
  • Propose a protocol for preventing or controlling the risk.
  • Implement and manage precautions.
  • Keep records of the precautions.   Logbook Example
  • Appoint a designated person to be managerially responsible for all of these actions.

L8 applies to any work activity and to premises associated with the workplace, or other undertaking where water is used or stored, and where there is a means of creating and transmitting aerosols (droplets) which may be inhaled and so cause a reasonably foreseeable risk of legionellosis. The Approved Code of Practice is supported by technical guidance, which identifies potential risk areas and suggests ways in which these may be controlled.

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