Legionella Testing

The presence of Legionella in any water building water system presents a serious risk to human health. As a result there are strict guidelines for a testing regime for Legionella and other related organisms. The testing will confirm the absence or presence of Legionella in a water sample, and will also provide the serotype of the organism isolated. 

3 Easy Steps

  • We send out a sterile bottle to you, you fill it up from your hot taps, showers, calorifiers or cooling towers
  • Fax, email or telephone us to let us know the sample is ready, then put it in the supplied courier bag
  • We arrange the courier collection, laboratory analysis and send out a certificate to you. We send you a reminder when your next test is due

Step by Step Guide

How Do I Collect The Water Sample

This is really easy and takes just a couple of minutes. Simply fill the sterile bottle with water!

For further details on sampling - click  How To Take Legionella Samples

What Systems Need to be Tested

Although the legionella bacteria grows faster in warm water (especially around our body temperature), it can also be found cold water and industrial systems.

For further details see Test Locations


We presently test 1,000's of sites including offices, healthcare premises, factories and hotels.

Mainland UK
We can send out bottles and our couriers collect throughout the whole UK
Channel Isles, Ireland, Isle of Man etc
Couriers charge a small premium for these locations, but a postal service for legionella testing is available. 
All Inclusive Cost
Remember the cost quoted INCLUDES
Posting the sterile bottles to you
The  courier to get the sample back to the laboratory
The laboratory analysis
Posting out a certificate with the results